About us

What to say... friendly, talkative... We decided to rent a house because its better to be full of people then empty because me and my family moved to other part of Dubrovnik. Also beautiful as Old Town but less attractive for those who seeks paradise on earth (Like Bernard Shaw once wrote). We are all dentists in my family including me so if you will have any problems with your teeth while you are in Dubrovnik... call me, but I hope that you want so that you can enjoy in my hometown.

House is located in the Old town in Dubrovnik, about 30 steps from the main street Stradun. Rustical and charming house for your holiday in the most beautiful city in the whole world. It has two floors...


Dubrovnik was founded in the first half of the 7th century by a group of refugees from Epidaurum (today's Cavtat). They established their settlement at the island and named it Laus. Opposite of that location, at the foot of Srđ Mountain, Slavs developed their own settlement under the name of Dubrovnik (named by "Dub" - type of wood). The settlements were separated by a channel which was filled in 12th century, present Placa or Stradun, and since than the two settlements have been united.

  • Dubrovnik old house living room
  • Dubrovnik old house for rent kitchen
  • Dubrovnik old house garden
  • Dubrovnik old house garden