About us

What to say... friendly, talkative... We decided to rent a house because its better to be full of people then empty because me and my family moved to other part of Dubrovnik. Also beautiful as Old Town but less attractive for those who seeks paradise on earth (Like Bernard Shaw once wrote). We are all dentists in my family including me so if you will have any problems with your teeth while you are in Dubrovnik... call me, but I hope that you want so that you can enjoy in my hometown.

Me and my boyfriend took a charge over the house so we are your hosts, maybe :). He is a manager by his proffesion so I can thank him for this idea-rent a house... All my childhood I spent in that house and I have the most beautiful memories... I hope you will have one or more to bring back home...

Come and see us... and enjoy

Dubrovnik old house living room